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Oberthür, Hymnes Sacrées

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Charles Oberthür (1819-1895) was one of the best-known of nineteenth-century harpists and a prolific composer for his instrument. Born in Munich, he held appointments at Zurich and Wiesbaden before settling in London in 1844– At the forefront of English harp playing and teaching for the next fifty years he also maintained strong European connections, teaching at the Paris and Brussels conservatories, touring extensively and visiting numerous courts and festivals. His private pupils included Princess Stephanie (wife of Crown Prince Rudolph of Austria) and the Duchess of Wellington.

Oberthür's Hymnes Sacrées (Sacred Hymns), chosen and transcribed for harp, become a flowing grand meditation in this simple, noble and beautiful setting. The tunes are devotional, in an "Andante religioso" style with romantic harmonies; the difficulty is moderate. Momentum is built at the end with some brilliant arpeggios, as if pulling out all the stops at the organ.
For the intermediate pedal harpist
9 pages


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