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Why you should buy a used harp from The Harp Connection:

The Harp Connection has the most comprehensive used harp quality assurance program in the industry. We are serious about dealing in used instruments that are intended to be played. We do not deal in so-called "Museum Quality" instruments that may look good from a distance but will never sound in tune due to structural defects, or are moments away from needing a complete rebuild.

Our Used Harp Policy:

  • The Harp Connection has set the highest standards of any harp retailer for the condition of harps we accept for trade-ins.
  • Strings on the used harps we are offer will be no more than two years old.
  • All pedal harps we offer will have a current regulation.
  • All our used harps must pass a detailed inspection by our trained staff.
  • We perform finish repairs when needed to bring your used harp as close to new condition as possible.

And, by the way, The Harp Connection can easily ship your used harp to you fully insured, promptly and at a reasonable cost.

How to buy a used harp from The Harp Connection:

Please call our staff to inquire about any of these instruments. You may reserve one by placing a 20% deposit, also most of the harps are available on our rental program.

If you're ready to buy right now, just click the "Add to Basket" button and then proceed to checkout. Pedal harps can be reserved by placing a 20% deposit either by telephone or on-line.

Used Lever and Celtic Harps currently available from The Harp Connection

Picture of  Harp


Picture of  Harp


Ogden by Lyon & Healy

Natural (S/N 4633)


Our Lyon & Healy Ogden Page has more information on this and similar instruments.

Troubadour VI
Picture of Troubadour VI Harp


Troubadour VI
Picture of Troubadour VI Harp


Troubadour VI by Lyon & Healy

Mahogany (S/N 11549)


36 string lever harp. Built March 2020. Returned from rental in good condition with a couple of dings around the base, the base of the soundboard as well as the column and body that have been touched up and are barely noticeable. This harp has an overall even tone. Purchase price includes cover and tuning key. For sale or may be rented.

Our Lyon & Healy Troubadour VI Page has more information on this and similar instruments.

Prelude 40
Picture of Prelude 40 Harp


Prelude 40
Picture of Prelude 40 Harp


Prelude 40 by Lyon & Healy

Ebony (S/N 63467)


40 string lever harp. Built November 2022, rented and returned in excellent condition. For sale or may be rented.

Our Lyon & Healy Prelude 40 Page has more information on this and similar instruments.

No information available

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Used Pedal Harps currently available from The Harp Connection

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Used harps offered by private individuals

The following harps are being offered for sale directly through private individuals. The Harp Connection has not inspected these harps and is not responsible for the accuracy of information or claims made in the listings or the actual condition of these harps. Please contact the seller directly with any questions about these instruments.

Note To Sellers: Any time you list an item for sale, whether on-line or in the newspaper, you could be contacted by someone who claims to be a potential buyer but instead who is intent on defrauding you. The Federal Trade Commission has a web page describing the common Check Overpayment Scam that is one of many tactics that thieves use to victimize potential sellers. Please proceed with caution whenever someone contacts you about your harp listing!

Note To Buyers: The Harp Connection has neither inspected these instruments nor verified that the contact person actually owns the harp in question. If you become suspicious about any of these listings please contact us immediately and we will remove the listing at once.

Stolen Harps: Rewards are offered for the return of the following stolen harps. Please call us if you have any information on these instruments or would like to know how to locate the serial number on your harp:

   Lyon & Healy Style 17 Gold Serial Number 4743 (Los Angeles)
   Salvi Sinfonietta Serial Number 10529 (Los Angeles)
   Lyon & Healy Style 85CG Natural Serial Number 12416 (San Diego)
   Wm. Rees Shaylee - Camac levers, Celtic knot in maple carved on the left side of the forepillar - body cherry, soundboard curly maple. Last seen in church in Chester, NJ on January 25,2009, discovered stolen on February 8, 2009. $500 for return, no questions asked.

No information available

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Requirements for ad submissions:
The Harp Connection takes no commission or fee of any kind to list your harp, but you must be a Harp Connection customer to take advantage of this free service. Due to the large number of used harps that are currently for sale, we typically cannot run your ad unless your purchased your instrument from The Harp Connection.
1. All submissions must be complete and submitted by email. The Harp Connection cannot assist you in the wording of the ad.
2. There is a 30 word maximum.
3. Ad must include the asking price for the harp.
4. Ads must be for a single used harp that is for sale only, NO RENTALS.
5. Ads will be posted for a maximum of 60 days. After 60 days the ad will be deleted without further notice. If you wish to have your ad reposted, this will require a non-refundable posting fee of $25.00.
6. Submissions must be accompanied with your full name and a phone number where you may be reached even if you do not choose to include these in your ad text.
7. No dealers or their agents, no harps under consignment with any dealer or agent.
** The Harp Connection cannot be held responsible for the actual condition of the harps listed on this page that are not offered by our store or for the terms of sale for those instruments.**
E-mail your submission to harps @ Please include your full name and a phone number where we can reach you.

*Returns: We want you to be completely satisfied with your instrument, no questions asked. The Harp Connection offers a 30-day return policy on lever harps and lap harps purchased from our store (except special orders). To be eligible for return, the harp must be in the same condition as when we shipped it to you and it must be returned with all accessories such as tuning keys and books. In the event of a return, you will be responsible for return freight to our Rowley, Massachusetts location. Custom-ordered harps may not be returnable, depending on the requirements of the factory; call us with specific questions about special order returns. Pedal harps can only be returned upon approval of the manufacturer and a 20% return fee will typically apply. We update our web site daily, however all harps are subject to prior sale.

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