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Need to buy strings for harp? It's easy to find new strings for your harp from The Harp Connection!

If you know the exact Make and Model of your harp, you can choose the proper harp strings by using the drop-down menus below. We offer choices for harps by Lyon & Healy, Salvi, and Dusty Strings. You will be presented with choices showing a complete set of strings for your harp, octave sets, plus each individual string listed in order starting with the highest (shortest) string on your harp. The Pedal Harp menus also offer choices for the standard "Factory" stringing, Nylon 1st-2nd Octave, and Pirastro Nylon.

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Pedal harpists can choose harp strings by Octave and Material; very handy if you are looking for 3rd Octave Burgundy Gut for example.

Lastly, you can use our Free Text Search to find your new harp strings. Very handy for "Bow Brand 1st Octave Gut Set" or "FH32 String 1" for example.

Octave and string numbers for Lyon & Healy and Salvi harps - since all pedal harps used to start with 1st octave E, we are stuck with an octave numeration system that's confusing, to say the least. All octaves start with E, then go down the harp: D, C, B, A, G, F. 34 and 36 string lever harps start with 1st octave C or 1st octave A as their shortest string, so the first octave on these harps is not complete. Celtic harp strings? Fortunately, the Celtic Harps by Dusty Strings always identify their top string as #1 and simply count down the harp.

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Concert-Grand Harp

Pedal Harps - Lyon & Healy

Concert-Grand Harp

Pedal Harps - Salvi

Bow Brand Pedal Harp String

Pedal Harps - Custom Octave/Material

Pedal Harp Strings

Choose your Octave and Material to find your strings:
   -------------- Bow Brand --------------    Pirastro    - Sipario - 
1st Octave: Nylon     Gut     Burgundy Gut Nylon  Bionylon 
2nd Octave: Nylon Gut Burgundy Gut Nylon  Bionylon 
3rd Octave: Nylon Gut Burgundy Gut Nylon 
4th Octave: Nylon Gut Burgundy Gut Nylon 
5th Octave: Nylon Gut Burgundy Gut
--------------- Bow Brand Wires ---------------
 Tarn. Resist.     Silver     Silver/Copper 
 Tarn. Resist. Silver Silver/Copper
 Tarn. Resist. Silver Silver/Copper
5th Octave:
6th Octave:
7th Octave:
Prelude Lever Harp

Lever Harps - Lyon & Healy and Salvi

Celtic Lever Harp

Celtic Harps - Dusty Strings

Harp Strings - Free Text Search

Use our Free Text Search to find your strings:
Sample searches:
   pedal 3rd gut set
   troubadour VI complete set
   fh32 string 5