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Perry, Mac, Learn How to Play the BLUES on Your Harp

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For pedal and lever harp! Beginner to intermediate level! Includes a play-along CD. Five new tunes, blues history, improvisation, wonderful and clever illustrations, hands on training, the four special scales! 108 pages!

Everything you ever wanted to know about how to play the Blues on your PEDAL or LEVER HARP!

The Four Special Scales used by blues players
How to improvise your own solo
Special exercises to "see" the Blues Strings
Lots of blues licks to use in your improv
How to comp using shuffle, syncopation, riffs
Learn the secret BLUES TUNING

From Carol Robbins, jazz harpist with many TV credits: "Congratulations on a book that is creative, well researched, and beautifully illustrated"

From Louise Trotter, "A book on blues for harpists is long overdue, since the subject has been sorely neglected. I. Mac Perry has given us a practical workbook to appeal to classical and pop harpists alike. A valuable contribution."


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