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Picture of Bow Brand Silver Pedal Wire 6th Octave Set
Picture of Bow Brand Silver Pedal Wire 6th Octave Set

Bow Brand Silver Pedal Wire 6th Octave Set

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These strings are all wrapped with silver winding and are not treated for tarnish resistance. The F and C strings are colored but not nickel coated. Since the strings are not coated in nickel, they are brighter in sound and have better resonance than the tarnish resistant strings. These strings provide a good compromise for the harpist who wants better bass response from their harp without giving up the color coding of the strings.

These strings will tarnish, so yearly replacement is recommended. Colored F and C strings may cause buzzes for the harpists who play at the upper limits of their instrument's volume capacity. For this reason, some professional harpists prefer the copper F's and C's.

Silver-wound strings for 47 string pedal harp only. Set includes 6th E, D, C, B, A, G and F.


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