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Renie, Henriette, Danse des Lutins

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This work, whose title translates to "Dance of the Sprites," is a lovely example of Renie's beautiful and virtuosic compositional style. The piece consists of sweeping gestures in the harp's upper register while the left hand plays chordal and arpeggiated accompaniment figures.
Suitable for the advanced pedal harpist.
10 pages

Renie studied harp at the Paris Conservatory - beginning lessons at the age of 9 - with the legendary Alphonse Hasselmans, who also taught Marcel Grandjany (1891-1975) and Carlos Salzedo (1885-1961).
After receiving the Premier Prix for harp at the age of twelve, Renié began counterpoint lessons at the Paris Conservatory, where she was the only female in the class. Renié career as a harpist included a rigorous teaching schedule, and her Complete Method for Harp is widely used by harp teachers today.

This work is required for the Advanced Division of the 21st AHS National Competition 2015– 


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