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Fickle, Robin Arioto, Renaissance Gems

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This book is an excellent collection of some of the most famous Renaissance compositions from England, France, Flanders, Italy and Spain. Included are many of John Dowland's most celebrated pieces for the lute as well as folk songs, rounds, ballads and songs of courtly love by other renowned composers. Most of these pieces have never before been arranged for harp. These elegant arrangements are for the easy intermediate to advanced level player. Most are written in the keys of G, C, D and F and a couple are in B flat and A. Where key changes occur both pedal and lever harp markings are clearly indicated and some fingerings are also noted. The book includes informative biographies of composers and anecdotal notes on the compositions.
86 pages

The Famous Ratketcher
Searching for Lambs
Strawberry Leaves
The Tailor and the Mouse
Watkin's Ale
Allison, Richard (c. 1560/70-1610)
The Batchelar's Delight
The Ladye Frances Sidney's Almain
Bartlett, John (fl. 1606-1610)
Of All the Birds That I Doe Know
Byrd, William (c.1540-1623)
John Come Kisse Me Now
Campion, Thomas (1567-1620)
Faine Would I My Love Disclose
I Care Not For These Ladies
Move Now With Measured Sound
Deloney, Thomas (c. 156?-1600)
Dowland, John (1563-1626)
Captain Digorie Piper, His Galliard
Galliard to Lachrimae
John Dowland's Galliard
Mr. Knight's Galliard
Mrs. Clifton's Almain
Most Sacred Queen Elizabeth, Her Galliard
My Lady Hunsdon's Puffe
My Lord Willoughbie's Welcome Home
The Right Honorable Robert, Earl of
Essex, His Galliard
The Shoemaker's Wife, A Toy
Johnson, John (c. 1545-1594)
The Flatt Paven
Morley, Thomas (1557/58-1602)
It Was a Lover and His Lass
Nicholson, Richard (fl. 1595-1635)
The Jewes Dance
Ravenscroft, Thomas (c. 1582/92-c. 1635)
There Were Three Ravens
We Be Soldiers Three
Yonder Comes a Courteous Knight
Tarleton, Richard (born?-1588)
Tarleton's Jigg

Pavane Lesquercarde
Claudin de Sermisy (c. 1490-1562)
Las! Je Me Plains
Guillaume de Morlaye (c. 1515-after 1560)
Le Roy, Adrian (c. 1520-1598)
Septième Branle de Bourgogne

Flanders (Belgium)
Isaac, Heinrich (c. 1450/55-1517)

Vecchi, Orazio (1550-1605)
So Ben Mi Ch'ha Bon Tempo

Milan, Luys (1500-1561)
Pavana I
Pavana IV


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