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Rabens, Julieanne, Maternablu

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An original solo for flute and intermediate level pedal harp by Julietta Anne Rabens. This work allows intermediate level duos to work on a contemporary work composed by a gifted harpist and composer. This means that the harp part is more than playable - it is comfortably and idiomatically written for the harp. The harps role vis a vis the flute is primarily accompanimental in the work but there is a lot of room for both instrumentalists to explore musical affect and have fun.
Score is 7 pages, includes separate part for flute.

Julietta Anne Rabens has this to say about the work: "This piece attempts to express a soundworld of serenity and is in an accessible style. It was inspired by something I read about the mythology that homeless children in the U.S. created which has two maternal figures - one that is protective and kind, the Blue Lady, and the other which is frightening and harmful."
Click here to listen to Julietta Anne Rabens performing this piece with flautist Cathy Hawthorne


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