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Andres, Bernard, Danses d'Automne

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Born in 1941 in Belfort France, near the Swiss and German, Bernard Andres studied at the Conservatoires of Besancon, Strasburg and Paris, where he won a first prize for harp. He was engaged as a soloist in the Orchestre Philarmonique de Radio-France, while pursuing a composing career as well. Bernard Andres is today a leading composer of music for the harp. He writes in a variety of styles for harpists of all skill levels, and has developed his own notation style and a number of special harp effects. Andres is also a noted teacher who has influenced an entire generation of French harpists. His books are well-known required repertoire for most harp students in France, and are great for recitals.

This collection includes six intermediate level pieces for pedal or full range lever harp. In keys ranging from one flat to three flats, with interesting and challenging rhythms. Some variations range from large chords to quick 16th notes.
16 pages

There is a free notation guide available with explanations of symbols and terms used by harpist composer Bernard Andres.


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