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Labarre, Variations sur Beatrice di Tenda de Bellini, Op. 113

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Théodore Labarre (1805-1870) succeeded Naderman at the Paris Conservatory, and his compositional style shows him to have inhabited a transitional space in the harp's technological development, half way between the established single-action pedal harp school and the development of the double-action pedal harp that we know today. The compositional innovations of Parish Alvars and the Godefroid brothers are the end result of the double-action pedal harp's development. Labarre's music bridges the space between Naderman's music and that of these later Romantic composers.

The Variations on Beatrice di Tenda make the harp sing beautifully in bel canto style, and fall into the hands with ease. They offer a natural introduction to later virtuoso opera fantasies for intermediate-advanced pedal harp students. A lovely choice for recital solos or for background music at elegant events.
Edited by harpist Dominique Piana.
7 pages


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