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Salvi (Various), Salvi Pop Harp Series Volume 3

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This collection of popular favorites from the 1960's to the 1980's includes arrangements by various harpists. An excellent resource for gig harpists. Suitable for the intermediate-advanced pedal harpist. 54 pages, pedal changes are marked.

Yesterday Lennon & McCartney/arr. Mills
Scarborough Fair
Anonymous/arr. Fulton
A Man and a Woman
Lai/arr. Fell
Eleanor Rigby
Lennon & McCartney/arr. Fell
The Look of Love
Bacharach/arr. Castellucci
Theme from Love Story
Lai/arr. Mills
Theme from Nicholas and Alexandra
Bennett/arr. Fulton
Gates/arr. Castellucci
The Summer Knows
LeGrand/arr. Amorosi
Albert/arr. Fell
Streisand/arr. Castellucci
Cantina Band from Star Wars
Williams/arr. McLaughlin
Chinese Rock
Latimer/arr. Mills


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