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The Harp Connection String Finder

Looking for Pedal Harp Strings or Lever Harp Strings? We carry Pirastro and Bow Brand harp strings, and you will find them listed as individual harp strings, harp string octave sets, and harp string complete sets for many standard harp models.

Choosing strings for your harp can be surprisingly difficult, especially if you are new to the harp. Click Here for more information and tips on ordering strings for your harp using The Harp Connection On-Line's string ordering page.

At The Harp Connection we offer 4 different ways to help you find the right strings for your harp:

Search By Model to find the complete set, octave sets, and individual strings just for your harp.

Search By Octave Material to see your preferred mix of nylon and gut by octave.

Free Text Search lets you easily search by brand name, octave and material.

Browse Our Entire String Collection to see all of our strings.

Choose your strings by harp model:     Click Here to learn more about a "Standard Set".
Lyon & Healy/Salvi Lever Harps
Petite - Semi-Grand Pedal Harps
Concert Grand Pedal Harps

Browse your strings by octave and material
Click Here to see advanced pedal harp search options.
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1st Octave
2nd Octave
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4th Octave
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7th Octave

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Bow Brand

Find your strings using our free-text search:
  Sample search strings:  
    Pirastro 1st Octave A Gut     bow silver
    Bow Brand 2nd B Nylon     Pirastro Gut 1st oct
    Pir 1 A     Dusty Strings
    Copper fifth F     Troubadour
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