Ravenna 26 and 34 by Dusty Strings

The Dusty Strings Ravenna 26 and Ravenna 34 provide an exciting option for the discerning, cost-conscious harp enthusiast. These instruments are handcrafted in America using laminated Finland birch and solid ash. The stave-back soundbox is constructed from laminated European birch with an innovative ash-grained vinyl veneer that is available in Black (standard), Forest Green or Burgundy. The vinyl is both comfortable to hold and protects the harp from scrapes and bruises.

The 26-string model is highly portable yet still features the rich and satisfying sound Dusty is known for. The Ravenna 34 is a full-range instrument spanning nearly five octaves (from C two octaves below Middle C up to A 2-¾ octaves above Middle C). Both harps are available with full or partial Loveland levers installed and come pre-drilled for full levers. The optional drop-down leg slides smoothly into place for convenient and adjustable playing support.


The Ravenna 26:

  • Max height (w/o leg): 39 inches
  • Max height with optional standard leg extended: 53 inches
  • Max height with optional long leg extended: 65 inches
  • Weight: approx. 14 lbs.
  • Number of Strings: 26 (3-1/2 Octaves)
  • Low: C3 (1 octave below Middle C)
  • High: G6 (2-1/2 octaves above Middle C)


The Ravenna 34:

  • Max height (w/o leg): 49 inches
  • Max height with leg extended: 69 inches
  • Weight: approx. 19 lbs.
  • Number of Strings: 34 (4-¾ Octaves)
  • Low: C2 (2 octave below Middle C)
  • High: A6 (2-3/4 octaves above Middle C)



  • Soundboard -- Clear finished laminated European birch
  • Neck and Pillar -- Solid ash with clear lacquer finish
  • Soundbox -- Laminated Finland birch with ash-grained vinyl veneer

The Ravenna 26 is available with levered
Cs and Fs (shown), with no levers,
or with Full Loveland levers. The Ravenna
34 is available with levered Cs, Fs and Bs or
with Full Loveland Levers.
Ravennas are Made In The USA!
U.S. Patent #7498495
Dusty Strings Ravenna
Picture of Ravenna 26 Celtic Harp
Dusty Strings Ravenna 26
Shown with Levered Cs and Fs
Picture of Ravenna 34 Celtic Harp
Dusty Strings Ravenna 34
Shown with Full Loveland Levers
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See the Ravenna up close in our on-line video

Dusty Strings has provided some nice videos of several different Ravenna models. These videos are each about a minute long and feature a CD-quality soundtrack. The Medium resolution movies will play over most hi-speed internet connections (DSL or faster). The Full resolution movies will require a 1mbps or better cable modem internet connection. Thanks to Harper Tasche for playing these soundtracks.
  Ravenna 26 Ash/Black:     Medium Resolution Movie     Full Resolution Movie
  Ravenna 34 Ash/Black:     Medium Resolution Movie     Full Resolution Movie
  Ravenna 26 Black:     Medium Resolution Movie     Full Resolution Movie
  Ravenna 26 Green:     Medium Resolution Movie     Full Resolution Movie
  Ravenna 26 Burgundy:     Medium Resolution Movie     Full Resolution Movie

To watch the movie you will need the QuickTime player. A QuickTime player for is available for all computers directly from Apple at their QuickTime Download Site.

Ravenna Finish Options Ravenna 26 Close Up Photo Ravenna 34 Close Up Photo

Finding the right Ravenna for you

From here:
  • You can see New and Used Ravennas we have in our store today
  • You can see New Ravennas we will be receiving shortly
  • You can order a Custom Ravenna

1. Purchasing a Ravenna we have in stock

As of 8:30 this morning, we had the following Ravennas in stock. Click "Add to Basket" to add one of these harps to your on-line shopping cart. You will then be able to go to our on-line accessory store where you can purchase additional items like a bench, tuner, harp cart or sheet music. Ravenna 26 harps are shipped via UPS from our Rowley, Massachusetts location. We usually ship Ravenna 34 harps using a trucking company. We will contact you with a specific shipping estimate to get your approval before we ship your harp.

If you would like to try one of these harps in person, please contact us by telephone or email to let us know you are coming so we can reserve a time slot for you in our harp showroom.

Ravenna 26 (Full Levers, Drop Down Leg & Economy Case) Standard Ash/Black (Used S/N 16675) $1,250.00  
Ravenna 26 (Full Levers, Drop Down Leg & Economy Case) Standard Ash/Black (Photo) $1,365.00  
Ravenna 26 (Full Levers, Drop Down Leg & Economy Case) Black (Photo) $1,415.00  
Ravenna 34 (Full Levers, Deluxe Case & Stand with 5" Legs) Standard Ash/Black $2,385.00  
Ravenna 34 (Full Levers, Deluxe Case & Stand with 5" Legs) Black (Photo) $2,435.00  

2. Reserving a new Ravenna we have on order

If one of our in-stock Ravennas does not meet your needs, you may reserve one of the new Ravennas we currently have on order with Dusty Strings. A 10% deposit will hold the harp for you. We will contact you when your harp is ready at the factory; the balance will be due when the harp is shipped.
  No information available  

3. Ordering a custom Ravenna

You also may order a custom Ravenna configured with your choice of special options. A 20% deposit is required on all special orders. We will contact you when your harp is ready; the balance will be due when your harp is shipped. Your deposit will not be refundable once the factory has begun working on your harp. Please call us about other options not listed.
Dusty Strings Ravenna 26, base price $745.00

Dusty Strings Ravenna 34, base price $1,665.00


 Check out these and other popular Ravenna options on our Ravenna Options Page!
Black Lacquer
CE26 Case for
Ravenna 26
CD26 or CD34
Deluxe Case
Long Leg for
Ravenna 26
Ravenna Stand

4. Accessories

Your Ravenna is shipped with a Dusty Strings tuning key. We recommend the CE26 or CD26 soft-shell case that is available for this instrument. If you are just starting the harp, you may also want to purchase a tuner, a bench, or other harp accessory:
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*Price depends upon finish and options. Returns: We want you to be completely satisfied with your instrument, no questions asked. The Harp Connection offers a 30-day return policy on lever harps and lap harps purchased from our store (except special orders). To be eligible for return, the harp must be in the same condition as when we shipped it to you and it must be returned with all accessories such as tuning keys and books. In the event of a return, you will be responsible for return freight to our Rowley, Massachusetts location. Custom-ordered harps may not be returnable, depending on the requirements of the factory; call us with specific questions about special order returns. Pedal harps can only be returned upon approval of the manufacturer and a 20% return fee will typically apply. We update our web site daily, however all harps are subject to prior sale.